*this chart is displaying the past 30 days data


Change log

Title Content
  • Creation of the CCI15
  • Added 3m and 6m charting options to index and instruments
  • Adding Trading Volume chart to all instruments
  • Added 1m, 2m and 3m charts for the Trading Volume Bubble Charts
  • Added a Crypto Periodic Returns Chart
  • Added Reports to the Education Tab
  • Fixed Moving Averages on charts
  • Updated Index Methododologies
  • Optimized the Bubble Volume chart to display quicker
  • Minor UI fixes
  • Optimized the Comparative Instrument chart functionality 
  • Optimized overall site performance
  • Updated Education Tab
  • Added Crypto Trading Course Videos
  • Added Downloadable Reports - added "2017 Crypto Investment Report"
  • Introduction to the CCI30 and CCI100 Heat Map
  • UI Fixes
  • Site Optimization
  • Expanded bubble volume chart lookback
  • added 6m and 1y option to the Crypto Compare chart
  • Enabled chart launch from instrument ribbon
  • UI updates to instrument ribbon
  • Chart updates to the Total Market Capitalization
  • Chart updates to the % of Market Capitalziation
  • Alternative charts on the Trading Volume bubble page
  • Updated datafeed for the Crypto News
  • Site optimization for speed and UI 
  • Updated the Crypto Return Correlations grid
  • Added user defined options for the Correlations grid
  • Updated Comparative Performance
  • Tweaks to the instrument ribbon
  • Tweaks to the data feed.
  • Tweaks to the Trading Volume chart
  • Tweaks to the Crypto Instrument information
  • Formatting fixes 
  • Corrected Volitality chart for CCI30 and CCI100
  • Added color to the time selections on the charts
  • Added Volitality chart to all crypto currencies
  • Added Traded Volume bubble chart / added volume grid
  • Minor UI bug fixes
  • data feed issue resolved
  • UI enhancements
  • New Chart: Crypto Market Capitalization
  • New Grid: Crypto Return Correlations
  • Metholodity, Forumla and Criteria disclosed for the CCI30TM and CCI100TM indices 
  • Optimized the data stream
  • Improvements to the charting fucntions
  • Ad placement and organization optimized
  • Update of Widgets function
  • Created new CryptoIndices widget
v1.0 Launch
  • CMS Usability Updates
  • CCI30 Index start date corrected
  • Added Algorithm and Proof Type for each instrument
  • Added Volatility Chart for both Indexes
  • Added Period P&L Chart for both Indexes
  • Added Winners/Losers for both Indexes
  • Updated legal disclosure 
v0.9 Beta Build IV
  • UI enhancements for index instruments
  • Created API for others to use
  • Updated Widget tool
  • Optimized site load speed
v0.8 Beta Build III
  • Fixed bugs in the index engine
  • Updated ribbon
  • Fixed bugs in UI
  • Improved page load
  • Added Market Charts
  • Optimized db functions
v0.7 Beta Build II
  • Added news feed
  • Updated CMS functions
  • Improved Data Engine functionality
  • Corrected the Valuation model for both indices
  • Added Widgets
  • Updated UI
v0.6 Beta Launch Build I
  • Initial Site construction
  • CCI30 and CCI100 launched
  • Crypto Market News added
  • Added Ribbon
  • Added CMS functions